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Unique Wedding Day On A Catamaran | Dawn + Mitchell

Unique Wedding Day On A Catamaran | Dawn + Mitchell

Dawn and Mitchell’s intimate wedding day was so unique and true to who they are as a couple! I loved that this unique wedding day included something I have never seen before: A Nauti Catamaran cruise! When I heard that they were going to have their wedding reception on a boat, I was ecstatic! I have never seen or been a part of something like this before! It was amazing to experience for the first time with this amazing couple! Come see more of this day below!

A Fun & Unique Wedding Day In Traverse City, Michigan

They had all of their close family and friends attend their destination wedding in Traverse City, Michigan. I love that they are in love with adventuring and traveling! It really made their wedding day come to life and that much more special! And, the setting for Dawn’s engagement ring is called a compass setting, pretty fitting, right? They went on a Nauti Cat Cruise last year and they knew they had to have their wedding reception on it. Traverse City also holds a special spot in their hearts. It was also super important to them to incorporate Petoskey Pretzel Co, which is what we ate during their reception! To say that this is a unique wedding day is an understatement! If you are thinking of having your wedding day on a Catamaran (and bring me along for the ride) then take this as your sign to DO IT!

Their Love Storie That Led To An Amazing Unique Wedding On A Catamaran Cruise!

Mitchelle’s Version:

“It didn’t just start with a “Happy Easter” text. But that was the start of us finding the true love that we have for one another. We go back 20+ years of knowing each other and growing up around one another. But the true love story starts with Dawn texting me Happy Easter in 2020, when no one knew how long the pandemic was really going to last.

We found the love of the outdoors with one another early on since we couldn’t really do anything inside. One text led to another and the next thing we knew we were going to go check out a nature area in Grand Haven together. Very quickly we couldn’t get enough of one another! With texting, seeing one another, and phone calls at all times of the day, we continued to grow our love for each other, traveling, and the outdoors from hiking to laying on the beach.”

Dawn’s Version:

“It all started in the fall of 1997 in the back of the school bus. It was there that I met my best friend, Elyse (Mitchell’s sister…). Over the years our friendship grew and we continued to stay close after high school even though we attended different universities in different states. During college our summers were spent in the corn fields, and so were our brothers. It was in the corn field my friendship with Mitchell really began, we spent more time together getting to know each other, outside of him being my best friend’s little brother.

Over the years we would see each other here and there at holidays or on family vacations when I would tag along with Elyse and her growing family. But during the pandemic, bored out of my mind, I decided to reach out to all of my friends to wish them a Happy Easter. Prior to this text, our communication had mostly been in the form of covid memes in a group chat with his sister and brother-in-law, but after that text, we started talking and reconnecting more one-on-one and found out we had a lot to talk about.

By the beginning of May 2020, we decided to take the risk and hang out in person. We decided to go to Rosy Mound to go for a hike because I found it on Instagram and wanted to see it in person. Since then we continued to hang out, talk, hike, and fall in love. I am so excited to marry this man in Traverse City! It is the first place we went away overnight together. And, it is the place where we said I Love You for the first time. And, our favorite place to just get away for the weekend. I can’t wait to be pronounced Mr & Mrs in the beautiful Grand Traverse Area.”

Let’s capture your perfect wedding day together next!

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Come see more of this unique and fun intimate wedding day below!

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