My mission is to preserve your legacy by capturing the honest and authentic moments that make up your once-in-a-lifetime wedding and bringing them together in heirloom works of art you’ll cherish forever.

See, THAT’S what fires me up– that these photos I’m taking for your wedding day aren’t just for right now– they’re forever. As someone who’s been in your shoes, I get what it’s like to be engaged, planning a wedding, and totally overwhelmed by all the options.

Wedding photographer - MI

I believe in celebrating the moments you feel the 
most like yourself.

You don’t want just another vendor. You want a photographer who is genuinely in it to serve you, who won’t give you the same old poses you’ve seen on Pinterest what feels like a zillion times, but will give you posing and guidance that feels personalized to your unique vibe as people. 

And you know what? You DESERVE to work with someone who will show up for you– a photographer who will be reliable and communicative, but, more than that, an advocate and friend in the process. Someone who takes it seriously that you’re planning one of the biggest days of your life and you should get to feel at peace and excited for what will unfold on your wedding day.


if this sounds like you, then we're pretty much perfect for each other!

Hey! I'm lindsay! 

I’m Jesus-loving and travel-obsessed (my favorite national park is Glacier National Park in Montana!), and if you invite me to an activity where I can bring my black lab Tenor, I’ll always be in. I'll never turn down a good taco, some home made banana bread, or a glass of white wine.

I pride myself on being a resource to my clients, and together we’ll build up a beautiful friendship built on trust so that by the time your wedding day rolls around, you feel totally comfortable around me and so. freaking. excited. to have your photos captured on the most exciting day in your love story.

As someone who’s experienced loss, I know what it’s like to look back and be thankful I have photos of those moments so that no matter what, I can cherish the memories I have with those people. It’s my hope I can give this to you in your photos– for the good times and the difficult ones alike.

I’ve been a photographer for 8 years now which has given me an incredible vendor network, so I always have the best recs and advice as you’re planning this wedding of yours.

 I promise you this: You'll feel seen. You'll feel heard. And you'll definitely have fun.

If your photographs are your prized possession (as in, your albums would be the first thing you’d grab in an emergency), you believe moments should be both cherished and invested in, and you care about your legacy, I hope we can partner together to capture those very moments from your wedding day.

what's important to me...

Keeping your memories just as you would remember them, true to life.

Deep Relationships, Heart for Service.

Trust, Care and Connection.

Emotion - Joy, Laughter, Tears, Love.

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Legacies, Memories, and Longevity.

Documented memories in heirloom albums and prints.

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A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. You deserve the right photographer to document your most candid, heartfelt, and unplanned moments alongside your legacy-making memories.