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5 Must Do’s After Receiving your Photos From a Wedding Photographer in Michigan

I am a firm believer that photos aren’t meant to live just on phone lock screens. I know the first thing we do when we receive our photos back is post them on social media. You’re probably thinking, “What else should I be doing with my wedding gallery now that it’s delivered?!” Here are my top 5 tips and best advice for what you should do immediately once you receive your wedding photos back from your photographer. As a wedding photographer in Michigan who has captured over 75+ weddings (and just recently got married myself), I think you’ll find these tips helpful, so make sure to keep reading!

Lindsay Elaine | Michigan Wedding Photographer

1 – Grab a Drink (And Maybe Some Ice Cream?!)

Have a cozy date night in viewing your wedding gallery from start to finish. This is one of my absolute favorite things to tell my couples. DO NOT VIEW YOUR GALLERY ALONE! Wait until you both can be together to relive your wedding day from start to finish. Grab your favorite drink and snack, pull up your wedding gallery on the TV, and view your images for the first time that way. This is such a special moment for the two of you to share together!

2 – Download and Back up ALL your Photos!

It is SO important that you download and back up all your photos, not just your favorites. And when you do this, back them up to multiple places! You invested in your memories, and the last thing you want is for them to be gone forever. I currently gift all of my clients a USB drive (backup #1 for you) and deliver all final images to an online gallery where you can download your images. Technology can fail us – so it’s so important that you back your gallery up somewhere else. Whether it’s a cloud-based platform, your computer, or an external hard drive – have at least two physical backups of your photos that you keep in a safe and dry spot! I do everything in my power to keep your photos safe, and you should too!

3 – Print Them! (I Offer Prints and Heirloom Albums!)

Like I said before, photos aren’t meant to live just on phone lock screens and your Instagram feed! Printing your photos is a way to hold onto your physical memories forever. There are so many different things you can do with prints. You can make an album, frame them, and hang them on your wall. In case you didn’t know, I offer custom heirloom albums that can be added to any wedding collection! I do this to make it SO easy for you to print your photos, and to take all the work out of it for you. I’ll design your album and get your approval, and then ship it directly to you. It’s that easy! Oh, and all of my client’s online galleries have their own print shop! You can print your favorite photos directly from your online gallery, and they will be shipped right to your doorstep!

4 – Share The Photos With Your Family and Wedding Party!

I know Mom and Grandma are probably asking you just about every day when you will receive your wedding photos. After you’ve seen your gallery, don’t forget to share it with everyone that played a role in your wedding day. If you send them a link to the gallery, they can access the photos and even purchase prints from the print shop to be sent directly to them!

5 – Respond to Your Wedding Photographer!

I know the excitement can get the best of us sometimes, but please take a few minutes to respond to your photographer! We love hearing what you think of your gallery, and that you’ve actually received your photos. We get so nervous sometimes when we send out galleries when we don’t hear anything back because we start to think something is wrong, even if it isn’t! Words of affirmation is one of my highest love languages, and one of my favorite things is hearing from my clients after I deliver their final gallery!

Bonus Tip: Review Your Wedding Photographer!

You don’t HAVE to do this, but it definitely helps our businesses. Reviews that help us the most are the ones that are heartfelt, thought out, and go into depth with how they felt during the whole process, from start to finish. If you truly loved your photographer, please let them know by reviewing them! Or you can do this by referring them to your friends and family as well! And this goes for any vendor that you worked with on your wedding day. They will be forever thankful!

Did These 5 Tips On What To Do After You Recieve Your Wedding Photos Help?

My hope is that you found these tips helpful on what to do after you receive your wedding gallery from your photographer! And if you’re currently looking for a Michigan wedding photographer, look no further! You can see more of my work here and learn more about me here! If you think I’d be the perfect match for you, then inquire with me!

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