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ASJKHFBJDKG OMG! HELLLLLLO & WELCOME! I am soooo freaking stoked that you are here! I want to officially welcome you to my NEW home on the internet that I’ve poured my heart and soul into. It’s been a work in progress over the past few months and now it’s finally here! WOWOW! Oh, by the way, I’m Lindsay! The photographer that makes up Lindsay Elaine! I’m a Michigan based photographer capturing the sweet and candid moments for couples who are madly in love. I’m obsessed with Jesus, fresh flowers and also the outdoors. But enough about me for now, here’s why I chose to rebrand!

I’ve been poured my heart and soul into this with you in mind. This is all for YOU! I wanted to create something that serves my clients in the best way possible. Something that also accurately shows you what my experience is all about. Something that represents who I am as a person but also as a photographer. And let me tell ya, I’ve got so many plans for my home on the internet! This is just the start!

I’ve been working with Sarah and her team over at Alisabeth Designs on my new brand and website for the past few months! The first time I actually saw what they created, I literally cried (happy tears, obviously.) It was such an incredible process to see my vision come to life and to see my personality being infused into my new brand. I am sooo beyond thankful for Sarah and her amazing team, I honestly could not have imagined my website looking any different. They did such a GREAT job, don’t you think? I still can’t believe it is finallllly live!

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This blog space will be used to educate, encourage and serve you, but also will showcase my portfolio. Be on the lookout for more blogs coming your way soon!

So stay for a while. Grab some coffee and explore. I’d love for you to say hi and also hear what you think in the comments or you can get to know me more by clicking here! From the bottom of my heart, it means a lot to me that you check out my new home and for all your support!

Lindsay Elaine Logo, Michigan Wedding Photographer

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  1. Cayla says:

    I am so proud of you!! I just love all of the hard work put in to making this great!! And the colors just scream your personal brand!! You are amazing!

  2. Justice Palmer says:

    Your color scheme is gorgeous, but I might be bias since they are almost the exact colors of my wedding.😍

  3. Kelsey says:

    This looks great! It is so easy to navigate through! Congrats!

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