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A Beautiful Surprise Wedding Proposal Story at Joshua Tree

proposal in joshua tree

If you didn’t know, this proposal story is actually my own story at Joshua Tree National Park! I got engaged y’all and I cannot be more excited! I want to share the behind the scenes of what my wedding proposal story looked like from start to finish, giving you all the details to paint the full picture! In hindsight, when I look back on the overall experience everything was PERFECT and I wouldn’t change any part of it!

Come relive the beautiful experience with me!

Leading Up To The Wedding Proposal

Andrew and I were planning a trip to California. While we were in California, we were planning on visiting one of my best friends, Reagan. Her and I were planning to swap photos in Joshua Tree National Park. I was going to take some of her and her husband. She was going to take some of Andrew and I.

Andrew is a planner, but he had me plan everything for this trip, which I thought was a little strange. Once Reagan and I started planning our photoshoot, she asked me to figure out where we wanted to go to dinner afterwords and to make a reservation for all of us. Again, I thought it was a little strange since she lives out there, and I don’t. I thought maybe she was too busy to pick a dinner location.

Reagan and I were planning on FaceTiming to figure out what we were going to wear, and just catch up since we don’t get to see each other that often. Except we had to postpone the FaceTime because she was FaceTiming Andrew instead to plan everything. Before I left for vacation, I always get my nails done, but this time I had FOUR different people ask me to go get our nails done together. I thought nothing of it because I always get my nails done before vacation LOL.

The night before we got engaged, Andrew and I had a more serious conversation about engagement. He always told me that we would get engaged after June 2022, when his sister gets married, and I would always joke about my naked ring finger. He told me it is definitely not happening while we are in California, and I could search his suitcase if I wanted to, which I didn’t.

The Day Of The Wedding Proposal

We went out to breakfast with Reagan and her husband, Doug, at Carolines Cafe. Andrew and I split a breakfast scrambler and their coffee cake (which was SUPER good)! When I went to the bathroom, Reagan, Doug, and Andrew finalized all the details for how it was going to happen.

As we were driving to Joshua Tree National Park, I got a text from my friend back in Michigan, Alyssa, (who also helped Andrew with planning). She was asking if I ever figured out what I was wearing for photos, so I sent her a picture of both of the outfits I was planning on wearing. She told me I should wear the dress the whole time or she will be mad. I told Andrew “I’m pretty sure Alyssa is convinced that you are proposing in Joshua Tree”. Not sure what was going through Andrew’s head at that time, but I thought nothing of it based on our past conversations and it’s definitely NOT happening in California.

Once we got to Joshua Tree, I started taking photos of Reagan and Doug, and Andrew went exploring. It was time for Andrew and I to change into our first outfit. I couldn’t find my socks, so I was digging through the backpack that had all our clothes.. And the ring in it. Andrew also mentioned that he could not find his sock (that fell on the ground). I pulled out his dress socks and asked him if this is what he was looking for. He snatched those socks out of my hands so fast. Turns out he hid the ring inside of those socks. I definitely thought I saw a ring box, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up or ruin his surprise, so I didn’t say anything. So I was actually holding the ring at that time… hehe.

The Proposal

We went to another location within Joshua Tree National Park for our more dressy outfits. Reagan and Doug changed into their outfits. She said she was going to set a timer for 15 minutes because we were losing light, and she wanted to make sure Andrew and I had plenty of light for our photos. The 15 minutes were up and it was now Andrew and I’s turn in front of the camera.

Reagan had us do a pose where Andrew was a step behind me and to my left. I saw his shadow move behind me, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up for a wedding proposal. I was waiting for someone to tell me to turn around. When I turned around, Andrew was down on one knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him!

Obviously, I said yes!

After we had a mini engagement shoot, we headed to Tac/Quila for dinner to get celebratory tacos (my fav food!). We also FaceTimed our immediate families to tell them about our engagement once we got service. I was in shock, completely surprised, and caught off guard, and I planned my engagement, without actually knowing it.

It truly was a magical experience and day! Here is a glimpse into more of my surprise wedding proposal in Joshua Tree!

Michigan Wedding & Couples Photographer | Lindsay Elaine Photography

Come check out the rest of the perfect day I will never forget!

If you are looking to create a magical experience like this for your engagement photos, fill out my contact form to have me be a part of your day! I can’t wait to plan your engagement or surprise proposal next!

Photos taken by Olive and Oath, edited by me

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