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3 Tips For Your Winter Engagement Photo Session

couple walking holding hands during winter engagement photos

Ever thought about doing a winter couples or engagement session but you’re worried about what it might look like? Or it just might be too dang cold? Well, you are in luck, because I am going to give you my top 3 tips for a winter engagement photo session and why the weather should never hold you back! There are so many reasons why getting winter engagement photos taken is an absolute must! I am diving into my TOP 3 TIPS! Ready? Let’s do it!

couple walking holding hands downtown

Tip #1: Keeping Warm

The hardest part of winter sessions is the fact that usually it is freezing (especially in Michigan!) but don’t worry, there are solutions. First idea is bringing hand warmers! This beautiful couple had the best idea ever! They stored hand warmers in their pockets of their winter jackets and it was brilliant. When you have them in your pockets it can really help keep your hands warm and keep you comfortable during the session!

Another great option is to wear layers! Like these two did – bring all the scarfs, all the big jackets, mittens, beanies, all the cute winter attire! If you want to wear a dress put tights on underneath! Wear fuzzy socks! So many options to make sure you stay warm in freezing temperatures and still have fun! It is time to dress the part!

Tip #2: Play Into The Season

Embrace the cold! I know it sounds kind of cliche but embracing the cold is going to set you and your partner up for success for the winter season! Get ready to be cold and just have fun with it knowing that the cold you are feeling will end soon! If you have snow in your area, then play in the snow too! This also shows the playful side of your relationship (which is definitely my favorite part of our sessions)!

This engagement session was SO cold, like REALLY cold! Especially being next to the water, but they were 100% troopers and I loved that about them! They were ready to just have fun!

Tip #3 Do Your Favorite Activity

To help distract how cold you are bring an activity that you could do together to enjoy in the moment! These two love wine and champagne so they brought a bottle to pop from their last trip to Napa and Sonoma! They had so much fun during this part of their session that they totally forgot that it was even cold. It exploded everywhere and was so exciting! Totally put them into their element and got them warmer by moving around a bunch!

couple holding champagne at winter couples photos

I have so much fun during winter engagement photo sessions because of the diversity of what the session could look like! There are so many fun things that we can do together. I hope that my top 3 tips helped convince you to go forward with having a session during the winter seasons! I say get out of your comfort zone, and just do it! And if you are looking for a photographer to help capture your special day – let’s chat! Fill out my contact form and let’s do this thing!

For more ideas on what your winter session could look like, check out my Pinterest board here!

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